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Motorsport is a hard school, where only the best is good enough. AP Racing's resources ensure the best is available to you.

Being at the pinnacle of motor sport and OEM supply, numerous factors dictate the most specialised requirements for ultimate success. From the state of the art 3 dimensional solid modelling/design and Finite Element Analysis CAD facilities, to sophisticated research, development and testing including a special NVH and multiple other dynamometers that can simulate true racing speeds and the arduous of environments for road cars, AP Racing is constantly probing the boundaries of technology every working day.

From state of the art measuring centres, CNC machining and sophisticated stock control systems, to the intricate hand assembly, checking and testing of individual assemblies, AP Racing ensures its products perform when pushed to the absolute limits.

But our most important resource is our people. It is their skills and dedication that have made our brakes and clutches synonymous with quality, safety and the highest performance.

AP Racing engineers are on hand at most major motor sport events around the world to offer practical help and technical advice to customers - of today and tomorrow.

Our dedicated Customer Service Team can arrange rapid delivery worldwide by specialist express carriers. They are supported by our production and engineering staff.

With a worldwide network of Specialist Distributors and Authorised Dealers, modern communication facilities and express delivery services, AP Racing ensures that the widest range of high performance products is available, where ever you are.

Help is never more than a phone call or e-mail away.


AP Racing's "Race to Road" White Paper

Some of the most significant automotive advances and technologies have been distilled from race cars for use by the everyday driver, but road vehicle development is a very different challenge. AP Racing is well versed in using its wealth of motorsport experience to meet the objectives of vehicle manufacturers and is now sharing its insights across the automotive industry and beyond to support OEMs.

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