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Our History


The company founded as Automotive Products by Edward Boughton, Willie Emmott & Denis Brock began in Berners Street in London in 1920 with the purpose of importing components from the USA to maintain ex-military vehicles which were adapted for civilian use in this country after WW1.

The business soon expanded to manufacture components for the fast-growing British motor industry.

Edward Boughton, Willie Emmott & Denis Brock portraits


Acquired a license for the manufacture & sale of Lockheed Hydraulic Braking System forming the Subsidiary company Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Company signalling the start of brake manufacture.


Under the Borg&Beck brand, AP went into the manufacture of clutches.in the same year the first block of Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa plant was opened.

Leamington Spa plant


Nuvalori, driving an Auto Union fitted with AP Lockheed hydraulic brake wins the British GP.

Nuvalori British GP


AP supplied an astonishing 50% of the brakes made in the UK & 85% of the clutches.


10 Million clutch assemblies produced by Borg&Beck division at the Leamington Spa plant.


AP opens its Banbury division as a spares depot and it’s Speke Precision Products factories.


AP developed the 4 speed automatic transmission.

It was reported in 1965 “AP was possible best known for its Lockheed brakes and Borg & Beck clutches etc. So when in 1965 at the Earls Court Motor Show, this ingenious system was announced, it caused quite a stir throughout the motoring world.

Considered by many to be the most outstanding technical development in the 70 year history of the British motor industry at the time, this remarkable AP automatic transmission for small cars is not merely an enviable achievement for design and development engineer but is a complete break-through in volume production engineering and assembly techniques.

4 speed automatic transmission


Automotive Product (AP) creates Competition Products (CP) Division, to deal with motorsport and performance enquiries.


Competition Product Division’s first Grand Prix clutch victory took place and the 1967 Dutch GP at Zandvoort in a Lotus driven by Jim Clark.

Jim Clark 1967 Dutch GP at Zandvoort


The Leamington Spa site expands to 70 acres.

Leamington Spa satellite view


Automotive Product re-brands Competition Products to AP Racing.

AP Racing Logo


AP Racing’s very first grand prix win with brakes and clutches was the Ferrari 312B driven by Mario Andretti in the South African GP at Kyalami in March.

Mario Andretti driving Ferrari 312B in South African GP at Kyalami


First outboard caliper used in F1 – CP2561 balance braking.

CP2561 Caliper


AP Racing produces the very first Ø7¼” (184mm), F1 Carbon Clutch.

Ø7¼” (184mm) F1 Carbon Clutch


250th GP success at the Austrian GP, won by Niki Lauda in a McLaren.

Niki Lauda driving a McLaren at the Austrian GP


AP Racing sells the first Ø140 (5½”) carbon clutch CP3418 to Williams GP.

Ø140 (5½”) CP3418 carbon clutch


AP Racing’s Ø7¼” Clutches win Design Council Award & Automotive products was bought by the BBA Group.

Design Council Award certificate Ø7¼” Clutches


AP Racing’s very first OEM Road car project – Lotus Carlton brakes.

Lotus Carlton OEM product


AP Racing moves from the Leamington Spa site to a purpose built 6600m² factory in Coventry.

Coventry factory satellite view


Officially opened March 6th by the Duke of Kent.

Coventry factory satellite view


AP Racing first to introduce a range of internally liquid cooled calipers for Nascar and Touring car and Rally applications.

liquid cooled calipers


BMW - Le Mans Victory.

One amazing race victory came at Le Mans in 1999 when our braking system fitted to the BMW was the first time a brake had required no change of disc and pads during the 24 hour race.

BMW on the Le Mans track


500th GP success at the Spanish GP, won by Mika Hakkinen in a McLaren.

Mika Hakkinen in a McLaren at Spanish GP


AP Racing Division is bought by Brembo.

Brembo logo


First Pedal Box designed added to hydraulic Actuation range.

Pedal Box


AP Racing changes its logo.

Old AP Logo New AP Logo


AP Racing supplied the braking system to the World Record holding JCB Dieselmax, The streamliner set the Land Speed Record for diesel-powered cars, achieving a stunning 350.097 mph (563.418 kph). The braking system was designed to slow the vehicle down from 200mph to 0.

JCB Dieselmax streamliner Braking system


AP Racing launches Radi-CAL™

AP Racing manufactures its first Radi-CAL™ caliper for F3. This break from traditional design concepts has allowed AP Racing to lead the way in brake caliper design and manufacture, producing over 90 different variants to date for a cross selection of motorsport, OEM and Performance road categories. Radi-CAL™ enabled AP Racing to take a fresh look at how the design envelope could be used and based its qualities around making calipers lighter, stiffer and run cooler, therefore making them more aesthetic to the eye.

Radi-CAL caliper


Expands Coventry HQ to a second building, increasing area to 11,100m².

Coventry factory aerial shot


AP Racing supplies the “Very first Forged” OEM calipers in to the global automotive market, fitted to HSV’s Gen F platform.

HSV’s Gen F OEM caliper


AP Racing introduces its first HPK Forged Radi-CAL™ caliper to its upgrade product range.

PK Forged Radi-CAL caliper


750th GP success at the Chinese GP, won by Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes at the Chinese GP


Launches its latest range of Forged Radi-CAL™ brake calipers, PRO 5000 R at the SEMA (Las Vegas) and PMWE (KÖLN) Shows.

PRO 5000 R Forged Radi-CAL brake calipers


AP Racing introduces WR2, Generation 2 Forged HPK Radi-CAL™ calipers to its upgrade product range.

WR2, Generation 2 Forged HPK Radi-CAL calipers


Further expansion of the Coventry HQ to include a 3rd building increase site size to 15,000m².

Coventry factory building aerial shot

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