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Jun 2022

AP Racing brakes and clutches for over 60% of Le Mans grid

AP Racing will be well represented at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 11-12. The company has supplied more than 60% of the race cars on the Le Mans grid with AP Racing brakes, clutches, brake discs and other select components. 

The AP Racing team will also be present with on-track technical support for all entrants using the manufacturer’s products, at what marks the 90th anniversary of the world’s most famous endurance race. The event brings together the greatest motorsport technology, teams and drivers for a gruelling 24 hours of wheel-to-wheel racing. It holds a unique place in motorsport history and in AP Racing’s rise to international motorsport success.

AP Racing has a rich history of supplying and enabling Le Mans teams, including a historic BMW win in 1999 Le Mans, with the first vehicle to ever complete the 24-hour race without changing either discs or pads. For over 50 years, AP Racing has worked with hundreds of Le Mans teams, perfecting new brake and clutch technologies for the brutal conditions of endurance racing.

David Hamblin, managing director at AP Racing, commented: “Le Mans is one of racing’s most significant and special events. It is a true test of machine, driver and grit, pitting some of motorsport’s most innovative vehicles and technologies, piloted by the world’s best drivers, against one another for a gruelling and intense 24 hours. Needless to say, Le Mans is brutal on brakes and clutches.

“This year, we are very proud to be supplying more than 60% of the teams on the grid with our brake and clutch components. In the world of endurance racing, these are two of the most important vehicle systems to get right, even to just reach the finish line. The fact that we are working with so many fantastic teams is a testament to our industry-leading technologies and our expert team. I am incredibly proud of this achievement and our role within the highest levels of motorsport around the world.”