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Apr 2015

AP Racing Celebrates 750th Grand Prix Victory


This weekend’s thrilling Grand Prix, held at the Bahrain International Circuit, saw AP Racing take its 750th Formula 1 victory as a supplier of racing brake and clutch components.

This outstanding result of cumulative victories cements AP Racing as one of the leading motorsport component suppliers worldwide. For the last 50 years AP Racing has been at the forefront of both racing brake and clutch technology and this weekend’s ground-breaking result reinforces the contribution AP Racing have made to the development of race car technology.

AP Racing supplies its components to all teams competing in the 2015 F1 season. The company is very proud of its outstanding winning record that stretches back to the 1967 Dutch GP. Since that first taste of success, AP Racing has supplied its components to every single F1 championship winning car.

“AP Racing offers brake and clutch products of the highest quality to its Formula 1 customers and works very closely with them to offer the most innovative solutions,” commented Charles Bolton, AP Racing Managing Director. “The whole team here at AP Racing is delighted with this weekend’s result and this achievement is a testament to their continued hard work”.

Despite our success, there will be no let-up in the hard work for AP Racing, who will continue to create innovative products for the pinnacle of motorsport, which can be transferred down to all their product line, from OEM to armoured vehicles. The company looks forward to many more victories in the years to come.

Formula 1 cars utilise AP Racing’s pioneering Radi-CAL™ technology, a revolutionary design process that has been continually refined by the company since its introduction in 2007. The design can be applied to a wide variety of calipers, from F1 race cars through to production road cars, showing how AP Racing offers race-derived technology to the widest range of applications possible.


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