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Jul 2016

AP Racing puts a stop to counterfeit calipers

AP Racing puts a stop to counterfeit calipers

AP Racing is tackling the problem of counterfeit brake components with an innovative data tag, helping customers distinguish genuine parts from frauds.

Allowing customers to authenticate their brand new purchase, the programme from AP Racing will allow users to scan a unique code on a component using a smart phone app, or check via web-portal, in order to certify its provenance.

Applied to all generally available AP Racing calipers families, the new programme will be launched Q3 2016 and will support the Coventry based company’s commitment to high-quality manufacturing. With a history of innovation in design that dates back to the 1960s, AP Racing believes in the value of investment in research and development. Using its state-of-the-art facilities, it works in close co-operation with leading car and motorcycle manufacturers to develop all of its products in the UK.

Fixed to components during the manufacturing process, the data tags are designed to protect the authenticity of the calipers and it’s advised that they are left in place in order to protect the integrity of the scheme. If removed, customers will not be able to track the part in the future, eliminating a significant method of distinguishing it from a counterfeit product.

Once downloaded the AP Racing app allows users to scan a data tag, before entering the relevant and required registration details. Once complete, customers will receive verification of the parts authenticity and a confirmation email. In addition, a dedicated section of the company’s website provides a similar process as an alternative.

With counterfeit and inferior parts presenting the industry with a serious issue, AP Racing is keen to ensure that its customers can continue to rely on the company’s reputation for high-quality design and engineering. With counterfeits produced in inadequate and unregulated facilities, they may look identical to the real parts - but are not tested or verified to AP Racings exacting standards. Whist counterfeit components represent a significant cost to the global car industry, they more importantly present a significant safety risk to the end user whom in many cases may not be aware the product is counterfeit. 

“Our clients rely on our quality and excellence, especially in the high-performance sectors,” explains Charles Bolton, AP Racing Managing Director. “It’s vital that we not only protect our customers, but also our intellectual property. The threat of mass-produced, inferior components undermines our UK design and manufacturing operation.”

AP Racing is the leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch systems for road and race cars, and has reputation for innovation and reliability that stretches back over 50 years. It has an unrivalled record at all levels of international motorsport, including over 775 Formula 1 victories as a supplier of racing brake and clutch components.

AP Racing’s pioneering Radi-CAL™ technology is a revolutionary design process that has been continually refined by the company since its introduction in 2007. The design can be applied to a wide variety of calipers, from F1 race cars through to production road cars, showing how AP Racing offers race-derived technology to the widest range of applications possible.

AP Racing’s products are available from distributors across the UK, while product information and technical guidance are available direct from AP Racing. Please call the technical department on +44 (0) 24 7663 9595 or visit www.apracing.com.


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