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Oct 2011

Grand Prix Success Continues in South Korea

Formula One
The South Korean Grand Prix held at the Yeongam circuit, saw AP Racing's domination of supplying Brakes and/or Clutches to Formula One continue, a 1-2-3-4-5-6-8 & 10th finishes for our products.

When the chequered flag came down it was our 685th GP success, a truely magnificent achievement which AP Racing are confident of increasing in the future

The UK company has racked up that amazing tally in just 38 years. The very first car to win a grand prix with AP Racing's brakes was the Ferrari 312B driven by Mario Andretti in the South African GP at Kyalami back in March 1971. It was, remarkably, Andretti's first competitive outing for Ferrari. The technical comparisons between the brakes used for the landmark occasions make for interesting reading. Where the caliper weighed 3.6 kg in 1971, it tipped the scales in Bahrain at 1.6 kg. The disc itself weighed 4 kg in 1971 but now weighs just 1.75 kg! AP Racing has an outstanding record in F1 - 685th Grand Prix wins starting at the Dutch GP in 1967 have been won with cars that used the British company's brakes, clutches, or both.


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