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Feb 2019

New Cushioned Metallic Race Clutches

New GT3 and Rally clutches offer smoother drive and enhanced performance

Globally renowned clutch and brake system manufacturer, AP Racing, has introduced a new range of sintered clutches for GT3 and Rally applications which offer a smoother and controllable characteristic through the addition of novel clutch cover cushioning.

The new clutches draw on AP Racing’s extensive pedigree in the design and manufacture of premium products for these sectors. After extensive testing, they have already been specified for all vehicles in this year’s Spanish rally championship N5 category.

While AP Racing’s Patented cushioning technology has been proven over many years in carbon clutch, the cushioning technology is unique to AP Racing in the area of cerametallic and sintered race clutches. The mechanism is housed within the cover assembly, rather than the pressure plate, or flywheel, to maximise performance and durability.

It enables a more controlled engagement characteristic – more akin to a road car – especially when there is a need to compensate for changes in clutch torque capacity due to temperature. It also allows easier clutch modulation to reduce wheelspin and prevent the engine from becoming bogged down until the point where engine and gearbox speed are synchronised. The amount of cushioning can be tuned to suit the vehicle’s torque output at launch, for optimum performance.

Two sizes are available: 140mm for GT3 applications, and 184mm which is suitable for both GT3 and rally vehicles.

AP Racing key account race engineer, Jeremy Govan, explained: “Low-torque starts and vehicle launches have often been a harsh experience in the GT3 and rally sectors due to the ‘on-off’ design of many clutches designed for these applications. However, this in itself can lead to premature wear, especially if they are being used by less experienced drivers. The new systems deliver a better ‘feel’ and greater control for all drivers without any loss of performance – indeed, performance is often enhanced due to improved matching of engine and gearbox speed as well as a lower risk of wheelspin.”

Part numbers are as follows:

  • Rally Clutch CP8842: Ø184mm, two-plate cerametallic, push type.

  • GT Clutch CP8884: Ø140mm, four-plate sintered, pull type.

Further information on the new products can be found via the following links:



The products are now exclusively available from AP Racing’s approved distributors – a full list can be found via this link AP Racing Distributors.


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