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Jan 2009

New Formula 3 Balance Bar

CP5528-1 is a new high efficiency balance bar upgrade for all Dallara Formula 3 chassis from 2005 to 2009 This balance bar offers the user a lightweight high efficiency trunnion type balance bar installation giving better modulation than those currently available.

CP5528-1 utilises our high efficiency push type Master Cylinders CP5854 / CP7854 types, which have a built in trunnion mounted needle roller bearing for direct mounting to balance bar.

The kit does not require a new brake pedal, the standard Dallara pedal is utilised, please click link below for more technical and download technical information.

Link to CP5528-1

List Prices:
CP5528-1 = £489.20+VAT
CP5854 & CP7854 Master Cylinders = £165.00+VAT


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