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Apr 2016

PRO Torque Clutches

Introducing a new family of twin and triple plate carbon/carbon clutches designed to offer great value for motorsport applications.   Designed using AP Racing's unique Radi-CAL™ approach, this new family of products offer all the usual benefits of carbon clutches, but in a far more affordable package in order to appeal to all sectors of competition.   Using this more organic design ethos, the PRO Torque family of products will provide long service life, improve modulation and are resistant to high intensity applications. Derived from our extensive experience at all levels of motorsport, including F1, the new designs benefit from the company's attention to detail precision engineering and heritage.   With two initial products at launch back in November 2015, the first PRO Torque models's cover push-type, twin and triple plate Ø140mm & 184mm clutches. Further models will be introduced to the range going forward.   CP8292/CP8293 - These PRO Torque twin/triple Ø140mm push-type clutches incorporate a stainless steel high ratio pressure plate and a one piece aluminium cover, using heavy duty carbon plates. - CP8292 Link. - CP8293 Link.   CP8452/CP8453 - These PRO Torque twin/triple Ø184mm push type clutches incorporate a stainless steel very high ratio pressure plate and a 12 bolt, one piece cover, using heavy duty carbon plates. - CP8452 Link. - CP8453 Link.


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