Disc Choice

Disc Choice

AP Racing Formula Brake Kits come supplied with large diameter discs. The ventilated discs have either 24, 30 or 48 cooling vanes depending on the application, to draw air through the centre of the discs. They are handed left and right, and are cross drilled or grooved, again, depending on the application, to allow gasses that build up on the surface to escape. Where cross drilling is used it is more restrained than on the face of our full race discs, as pad longevity is more important on a road car than weight saving. The discs are wider and of a larger diameter than standard. The extra material controls heat build up and the larger diameter means that the caliper can be mounted further away from the centre increasing the leverage effect, which increases braking torque while decreasing effort required on the pedal.

Grooved Discs
: G4, G8, T2, Grooves improve 'cleaning' of the pad surfaces and result in a more consistent brake performance. Grooved discs have a longer life than cross-drilled discs.

Radius Drilled Discs
: RD, Radius Cross-Drilled discs offer improved 'bite' and 'feel', but are less resistant to cracking than grooved or plain discs.

AP Racing Formula Brake Kits
typically use a Bolted disc mounting, but selected kits and Disc & Bell assemblies use the Strap Drive system. Tightening torque for disc to bell mounting is also given here.

N.B. For Track Days, Grooved discs are recommended.

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