Strap Drive Kits
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Strap Drive Kits

Strap Drive Disc, Bell and Pad kits for use with OE brake calipers.

These kits are designed to replace the Standard / Original Equipment disc and pads (where applicable) but retain the vehicles production caliper.
The Disc, Bell & Pad kits includes a set of pads in Ferodo DS2500 material.

The AP Racing strap drive disc assemblies for the listed applications require a shallower pad than the original to enable them to clear the strap drive system. The pad depth is 50mm as opposed to 60mm on the standard pad. This 50mm pad shape is common and should be available from most major pad manufacturers.

Important note:
When replacing brake pads with strap drive discs fitted, do not push the pistons back in to the caliper by use of a lever against the discs.
If this is done then the disc straps may be distorted and this can cause disc runout, resulting in possible brake vibration.

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