CP9200 -  Forged Front - 152mm Mounting Ctrs

CP9200 - Forged Front - 152mm Mounting Ctrs

- Front.
- Factory Big Brake Kit.


Working Pressures: For full technical data sheet content view P14.329.pdf in download tab.

- Front Axle application - Gross Vehicle Front Engine = 1910Kg / Rear Engine = 2220Kg

- Radial Mount, 152mm centres.
- Suits Ø330 x 28mm Max / 26mm Min Disc.
- Forged two piece Aluminium alloy body. - Designed to replace CP5200 caliper.
- Aluminium alloy pistons.
- Boot type dirt seals fitted. 
- Advanced Red or Black anti-corrosion paint finish.
- Pad anti-rattle clip fitted.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: CP9200 replaces CP5200 family BUT IS NOT A DIRECT REPLACEMENT DIMENSIONALLY Whilst mounting hole centres, offset and PL dimensions are the same as CP5200-806/7/8/9S4 variant, there are differences in the radial profiles dimensions and pad location - please check installation before purchasing. When replacing CP5200 calipers with CP9200 in brake kits please contact AP Racing technical for guidance.

Black Caliper Part Numbers:
- RHT = CP9200-2S0BG / - LHT = CP9200-3S0BG.
- RHL = CP9200-4S0BG / - LHL = CP9200-5S0BG.

Red Caliper Part Numbers:
For Red calipers add 'R2' to end of Part Number e.g.

  • Brake Pad Information
    (To view an image of the pad
    click on Pad Part No)


    - Pad Area = 57.4cm²
    - Pad Depth = 50.3mm
    - Thickness = 16.8mm

    Piston Sizes - mm Ø38.1 x 2
    Ø41.3 x 2
    Disc Diameter - mm Ø330
    Disc Thickness - mm - Max = 28
    - Min = 26
    Weight (no pads) - Kg 2.43
    Hydraulic Threads M10x1.0
    Mounting Type Radial
    Mounting Centres - mm 152
    Mounting Offset - mm 46.86
    Mounting Hole Ø - mm 10.1 Nom
    ‘PL’ Dimension - mm 60.36
    Bleed Screw Tightening Torque 17Nm

    - Ø38.1 = CP9200-108
    - Ø41.3 = CP9200-109

    Seal Repair Kit CP4527-JK
    Pad Retainer Type / Part No

    Bolt - CP5200-124

    Pad Retainer Cap Head Bolt Part No


    Bleed Screw CP4970-125
    Pad Anti-Rattle Clip CP5200-151
  • Click on the link to download the relevant drawing.

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