World Radi-CAL 1 Calipers
World Radi-CAL 1 Calipers - Feature Image

World Radi-CAL 1 Calipers

A range of six and four piston front calipers, as well as a four piston rear caliper. The range of Radi-CAL™ products distil our expertise in producing brake systems suitable for aftermarket applications. As a result these calipers deliver an advanced brake upgrade for the owners for high performance and sports cars.

Featuring a two-piece Aluminium body and H-Piece, the forged non-symmetrical calipers offer a significant reduction in mass compared to conventional designs, and improved caliper efficiency when resisting the torque generated by braking. This not only lowers a vehicle’s un-sprung weight, but also ensures continued high performance in demanding applications.

The calipers feature a highly durable black or red paint finish featuring the distinctive new Radi-CAL™ logo, and available separately or with matching performance road car discs and pads for specific customer requests as well as Factory Radi-CAL Big Brake kits which incorporate floating two-piece disc assemblies, and include bespoke mounting bracket and bolts, a braided hose kit and DOT 5.1 high temperature brake fluid.

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