World Radi-CAL 2 Calipers
World Radi-CAL 2 Calipers - Feature Image

World Radi-CAL 2 Calipers

Following on from the success of our Pro 5000 R range AP Racing has brought the same design philosophy to the road performance market in the form of our new World + range.

These forged 4 and 6 Piston range incorporate our patented technology allowing the road user to experience the superior performance that Rad-CAL™ offers.

In addition the calipers incorporate all the features demanded by the road market including, dirt seals, an attractive painted finish and noise abatement solutions.

Offering less mass, improved rigidity and better cooling characteristics than conventional and World Radi-CAL 1 Brake caliper designs, the Radi-CAL™ concept represents a major innovation in braking technology when it was introduced.

The patented design was first developed by AP Racing in 2007, since then we have produced over 80 different Radi-CAL™ caliper designs for Race, OEM and now Performance upgrades markets.

AP Racing is constantly refining its Radi-CAL™ brake caliper designs, and the concept is protected by patents across

Europe and in numerous other countries including the USA, China and Japan.

To complement these calipers AP Racing also supply a range of discs, pads and fluids. AP Racing always recommend the use of AP Racing brake discs and brake fluids with our calipers to achieve optimum performance and comfort.

For more detailed information please contact the AP Racing technical department for further assistance.

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