Exhaust Valves
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Exhaust Valves

Air Jack Exhaust Valve CP2985-7 is designed for use with CP2985 and CP2985 Air Jack types which are no longer available.

 Note: CP2985-7 cannot be used with CP3985 Type Air Jacks which have a built in valve as an option.

CP2985-7 valve kit can be fitted to other makes of Air Jacks if required.

- Maximum operating limit = 20 Bar. The kit is supplied as a single exhaust valve with 2 rubber seals and a pressure sealing ring for fitting to all AP Racing air jacks.

- Care should be taken to ensure that the rubber seals are located correctly in the sealing ring when the exhaust valve is screwed down on the male adaptor on top of the air jack. The exhaust valve should be positioned so that the outlet face is not obstructed and also that the pressure of air flow does not damage anything within the car.

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