Bedding In Procedure

Bedding In Procedure

- AP Racing - APF Friction Materials:
For AP Racing's APF pad range use the following 'Bedding In' procedure. This procedure is available in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish languages.
Click on link - APF Material 'Bedding Procedure'

- Other Race Friction Materials:

AP Racing offer a large variety of the best friction materials currently available from various sources to suit every racing condition. It is therefore very difficult to recommend a common ‘Bedding in’ procedures suitable for all friction materials. Please refer to the manufacturers own ‘Bedding’ information for guidance.

- Road Friction Materials:
For an OE pad please refer to the manufacturers own instructions.

For Pads for AP Racing brake calipers or kits use the following procedure:-
Bed the pad and disc contact areas by using moderate brake applications for 80Km (50 miles), avoiding excessive speeds, building the stopping power and vehicle speed gradually over the next 80Km (50 miles). This will ensure maximum pad performance and disc life.

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