Carbon Brake Discs & Pads
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Carbon Brake Discs & Pads

AP Racing has more than 40 years of experience with Carbon/Carbon brakes in F1 and Sportscars racing.
We recommend and supply a number of manufacturers materials which we consider to offer the best performance & braking characteristics together with low wear of any material currently available.
Carbon/carbon is expensive bit if managed correctly, mainly a question of temperature control, then wear rates and hence running costs can be surprisingly low.
The AP Racing range of Carbon discs and pads are available in a number of sizes, thickness and compounds.

Part Numbers:-

AP Racing offer several different Carbon materials for different applications and operating conditions. The choice of the best material for given application is complex.

Please contact AP Racing Technical Section for more information or contact Jason Carpenter on +44(0)7785 222764 or Peter Harris on +442476883305.

AP Racing offer a range of disc from Ø380 or Ø355 x 37mm or 35mm.
Listed are some typical GT sized discs.

- Ø380mm x 37mm CP2872-400H17I (RH) / -401 (LH).
- Ø355mm x 37mm CP2872-402H17I (RH) / -403 (LH).
- Ø355mm x 35mm CP2872-404H17I (RH) / -405 (LH).

Are available in various thicknesses and shapes to suit AP Racing Calipers and most other manufacturers variants.

- CP4240-54H18:
- Pad Area = 78.12cm² / - Pad Depth = 53mm / - Pad Thickness = 25mm / - For Calipers:- CP6077 & CP6078.

- CP4970-28H18

- Pad Area = 81.9cm² / - Pad Depth = 53mm / - Pad Thickness = 27mm / - For Calipers:- CP6080, CP6160, CP6161, CP6177 & CP6178

- CP6070-108H18:

- Pad Area = 69.1cm² / - Pad Depth = 49mm / - Pad Thickness = 25mm / - For Calipers:- CP6470, CP6270 & CP6271

The information in this section is designed as a users guide for reference only we recommend you contact AP Racing technical department for more detailed information before finalising installation details and vehicle fitment.

Carbon Disc User Guide: - P14.058 user guide

Disc Mounting Kit Guide - AP Racing recommends using CP2494-89 kit to mount your mounting bell to an AP Racing Carbon/Carbon disc - Guide

Contact us today if you need any help finding the right product for you +44 (0) 24 7663 9595