Carbon Brake Discs & Pads
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Carbon Brake Discs & Pads

AP Racing has more than 30 years of experience with Carbon/Carbon brakes in F1 and Sportscars racing.
We recommend and supply a number of manufacturers materials which we consider to offer the best performance & braking characteristics together with low wear of any material currently available.
Carbon/carbon is expensive bit if managed correctly, mainly a question of temperature control, then wear rates and hence running costs can be surprisingly low.
The AP Racing range of Carbon discs and pads are available in a number of sizes, thickness and compounds.

Part Numbers:-

AP Racing offer several different Carbon materials for different applications and operating conditions. The choice of the best material for given application is complex. Please contact AP Racing Technical Section ( or Peter Harris directly.

Peter Harris Tel:+44 (0) 24 7688 3305 / E-mail:

AP Racing offer a range of disc from Ø380 or Ø355 x 37mm or 35mm.
Listed are some typical GT sized discs.

- Ø380mm x 37mm CP2872-400H17I (RH) / -401 (LH).
- Ø355mm x 37mm CP2872-402H17I (RH) / -403 (LH).
- Ø355mm x 35mm CP2872-404H17I (RH) / -405 (LH).

Are available in various thicknesses and shapes to suit AP Racing Calipers and most other manufacturers variants.

- CP4240-54H18:
- Pad Area = 78.12cm² / - Pad Depth = 53mm / - Pad Thickness = 25mm / - For Calipers:- CP6077 & CP6078.

- CP4970-28H18

- Pad Area = 81.9cm² / - Pad Depth = 53mm / - Pad Thickness = 27mm / - For Calipers:- CP6080, CP6160 & CP6161.

- CP6070-108H18:

- Pad Area = 69.1cm² / - Pad Depth = 49mm / - Pad Thickness = 25mm / - For Calipers:- CP6470, CP6270 & CP6271

The information in this section is designed as a users guide for reference only we recommend you contact AP Racing technical department for more detailed information before finalising installation details and vehicle fitment.

Carbon Disc User Guide: - P14.058 user guide

Contact us today if you need any help finding the right product for you +44 (0) 24 7663 9595