Carbon/Carbon Clutches
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Carbon/Carbon Clutches

AP Racing is the world leader in the design and manufacture of competition clutch systems, and for many years have been extending the boundaries of clutch design further each year.

At the 2024 Australian Grand Prix, AP Racing celebrated its 868th Grand prix clutch win. It has taken over 50 years for AP Racing to achieve this amazing success. In 2024 AP Racing will be supplying 8 of the 10 teams with their clutch and brake requirements.

The AP Racing carbon / carbon clutch range encompasses 'push' and 'pull' type designs with Twin, Triple and Four plate units in Ø115mm, Ø138mm Ø140mm, Ø184mm and Ø200mm sizes available, all benefiting from the latest developments and technology,  As always the emphasis is on low weight & inertia coupled with durability & reliability.

The range of Carbon / Carbon clutches from AP Racing has been developed to enable many different categories of motor sport to benefit from the advantages of Carbon / Carbon clutch technology.

The carbon/carbon clutches detailed in this section are selected from the extensive range produced by AP Racing, should you require more information regarding other sizes or any new carbon/carbon clutch requirements please contact AP Racing technical department for advice.

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