Cable Type CP2905-8 & -18

Cable Type CP2905-8 & -18

CP2905-8 & -18 are high quality Balance Bar Cable Adjusters ideal for any competition vehicle.
Improvements include a directional pointer knob and anodised Aluminium Alloy body with quarter turn click stops for positive vibration proof positioning plus a new stiffer steel cable.

The Ø3.8mm inner steel cable has a polyethylene 'FR' self extinguishing outer tube and is generally stiffer than most adjuster cables on the market to resist 'wind up'.
The adjuster body can easily be fitted through a Ø20mm hole in the dashboard or bulkhead. Supplied in 1200mm lengths with an adjustable end fitting allowing the cable to be cut to the required length, the kit includes cable clips and and two direction labels.

Part Numbers:
- CP2905-8 - with end connector - 1200mm of cable.
- CP2905-18 - without end connector - 1200mm of cable.
- CP2905-29 - without end connector - 900mm of cable.
- CP2905-33 - without end connector - 1800mm of cable.

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