Floor Mount - High Efficiency Types - CP5520-3 & -4

Floor Mount - High Efficiency Types - CP5520-3 & -4

These small and compact balance bars use needle roller bearings, to provide low hysteresis and high efficiency.
These versions are designed to fit at the fixed end of master cylinders fitted with integral trunnions such as CP6465 (Pull type), CP5854 and CP7854.
CP5520-3 and -4 are alternative mountings options to CP5520-2 and CP5520-13.
The installation drawings include details of how to set up the balance bar, additional diagrams show the correct balance bar setting at rest and under maximum load, see downloads opposite.

Part Numbers:
- CP5520-3
- CP5520-4

Assembly Weights:
- CP5520-3 = 225g
- CP5520-4 = 221g
  • Suitable Master Cylinders CP7854 Family
    CP6465 Family
    Maximum Adjustement 5mm
    The more adjustment you have the more inifficient the balance bar becomes.
    Spare Parts & Sub Assemblies or Kits
    Balance Bar CP5517-157
    Empty Housing CP5517-187
    Balance Bar Extras Kit CP5517-30
    Includes the following:
    - Balance bar Spacers x 2
    - Circlip x 2
    - M4 Grub screw x 2
    - Sleeve x 1
    Balance Bar Trunnion Kit CP5508-25
    Includes thr following
    - Trunnion x 1
    - Circlip x 2
    - Bearings x 2
    - Snap ring x 2
  • Click on the link to download the relevant drawing.

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