CP5540-50 - 3 Pedal - Tandem Type

CP5540-50 - 3 Pedal - Tandem Type


- A double ended master cylinder with two separate hydraulic chambers which, when compressed by pedal effort, creates two output pressures, one each for front & rear brake circuits.

- Brake pedal has a multi ratio mounting bracket allowing three different ratios to be used. Therefore overall braking effort (to achieve a certain retardation) can be varied by switching to an alternative pedal ratio.

- The system eliminates several components that are used in a typical pedal box because there is no need for a balance bar. For example the number of bearings is reduced from 6 to 3.

- Optimised, lightweight Aluminium Alloy base plate.

- Throttle pedal has a return spring fitted.

- Both pedals are pivoted on ball bearings to increase smoothness of feel for the driver.

- Adjustable stop on clutch pedal.

- Designed to suit accept a contactless rotary throttle potentiometer. This sensor is not included with pedal box order seperately.
Part number - CP5540-220.

Part Numbers:

Brake, Clutch and Throttle Assembly
- CP5540- 50

  • Brake Pedal Ratios 2.1:1 / 2.5:1 / 2.9:1
    Clutch Pedla Ratio 4:1
    Weight - Kg Without Cylinders = 1.64
    Pedal Materials Billet aluminium alloy
    Suitable Master Cylinders - Brake = CP5540
    - Clutch = CP2623 or CP4623
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