CP5517-1  Two Pedal

CP5517-1 Two Pedal


CP5517-1 Pedal box assemblies are no longer available to order.

Details will be left on the website for information ONLY.

This unique pull type bulkhead mount design with master cylinders being located in the engine or front compartments allows the pushrod to remain in line eliminating all side loads making it one of the most efficient pedal box on the market. It’s lightweight aluminium base, and ergonomic steel and alloy pedals offer the user the ultimate control in this critical area.

- Lightweight aluminium base, machined from high quality casting. 
- Fabricated Steel brake pedal. 
- Machined aluminium alloy clutch and throttle pedals.
- Designed for use with CP6465 master cylinder.
- Bellows to seal the firewall. Made from fire retardant material.
- Adjustable foot pads for extra driver comfort. 
- Adjustable throttle pedal position, linkage with a torsion spring for positive pedal return. 
- Adjustable pedal stops.
- Brake and Clutch pedal ratio 4.8:1
- Adjuster cable CP2905-18 included with assembly.


  • Pedal Ratio 4.8:1
    Adjustable Ratio No
    Pedals 2 - Brake & Clutch
    Balance Bar Type Heavy Duty 14mm High Efficiency Trunnion
    Rubber Boots Fitted Yes
    Suitable Master Cylinders CP6465
    Steel Brake Pedal Yes
    Clevis Thread N/A
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