All AP Racing Brake Fluids are Polyalkalene Glycol Ether based, not a silicone based fluid. AP Racing do not sell and do not recommend using a silicone based brake fluid with any of its products.

? Super 600 & PRF brake fluid are intended for competition use.

? Colour variations may occur in brake fluid due to its manufacturing process. This has no effect on the quality and performance of the product.

DO NOT USE a mixture of PRF, Super 600 brake fluids.
Do not mix PRF or Super 600 with any other Polyalkalene Glycol Ether based brake fluid.
DO NOT USE PRF or Super 600 fluid in contact with any type of magnesium components (e.g. Gearbox / Clutch components) as a chemical reaction is caused resulting in gases being generated. This will prevent the clutch hydraulics from working efficiently and may damage the magnesium components.

To obtain the best performance from racing brake systems, bleed the system thoroughly, immediately prior to each event using AP Racing brake fluid from a new sealed bottle. This is particularly important in wet or humid conditions or when the brakes are excessively hot. Always use fresh fluid and replace bottle cap when not in use. Never re-use brake fluid. The use of a high temperature fluid should not be used as a substitute for proper brake cooling.

Brake temperatures can be determined using AP Racing temperature stickers (CP2650-11) and thermal paints (kit Number, CP2649-5).
If you require advice please contact AP Racing Technical section.

? AP Racing brake fluid contains Polyalkalene Glycol Ethers. Keep out of reach of children.

? Never transfer to unmarked jars or bottles.

? Harmful if swallowed.

? Avoid excessive skin contact. Flush affected eyes with water and seek medical aid.

? Brake fluids will damage vehicle paint work if spilled.

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