Catch Tank Kit - CP4709-25
Catch Tank Kit - CP4709-25 - Feature Image

Catch Tank Kit - CP4709-25

CP4709-25 catch tank kit is an alternative fluid surge system to traditional bellows without compromising reservoir capacity. Note: - Kits are not supplied with any reservoirs. - NO REPLACEMENT TANKS AVAILABLE. ORDER NEW KIT.

The kit comprises of:
- 1 x catch tank.
- 75cm of Silicone tube.
- 3 x nipples with washers and nuts.
- 1 x T-Connector.
- 2 x Cable ties.
- 4 x mounting blocks.

Suitable for all AP Racing Reservoirs and can be used in all competition formulae. 

For installation details click link below.


CP4709-25 Customer Drawing and fitting instructions

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