7/16 x 20UNF Threaded Types

7/16 x 20UNF Threaded Types

Small diameter plastic reservoir with central outlet for remote use but will fit directly to CP4400 Master Cylinders.

- Available in a choice of 3 volumes.
- Fits directly to CP4400 Master Cylinder family
- ‘O’ Ring seal supplied.
- CP2709-156 Bellows available.
- Push on connector for remote cylinder available CP4709-107.
- CP4709-13, small reservoir has no bellows to suit use CP4709-25 catch tank option.

Part Numbers & Weights:-
- Short - CP4709-13 - 61g.
- Medium - CP4709-14 - 72g.
- Tall - CP4709-15 - 88g.

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