Radi-CAL™ R3 - Racing Brake Fluid - CP4660
Radi-CAL™ R3 - Racing Brake Fluid - CP4660 - Feature Image

Radi-CAL™ R3 - Racing Brake Fluid - CP4660

PRF660, Re-branded as Radi-CAL™ R3 - Silver bottle & Yellow cap.
has a dry boiling point of 325°C (608°F).

has advanced moisture resistance properties, low levels of viscosity (for ease of bleeding), low levels of compressibility and meets DOT4 specifications.

R3 is suitable for all top levels of motorsport where abnormal temperatures are experienced. It should be noted that before using R3 fluid, any existing brake fluid should be drained completely from the brake system.
The system should be thoroughly purged with new R3 and can be filled completely with new R3.

With the introduction of an inhibitor R3 can now be used with magnesium components.

- Radi-CAL™ R3

‘Typical’ Boiling Points.
- New Dry 325°C
- ‘Wet’ E.R. 195°C

Part Number.  
- CP4660-20 (Case of 20x500ml bottles)

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