AP Racing Brake Pad Materials
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AP Racing Brake Pad Materials

AP Racing has developed its own branded range of brake pads to suit AP Racing Calipers for both Road and Competition applications, thus ensuring full system integrity.
The range comprises 5 Material Grades across 27 Pad Shapes. As a direct result, we have now developed five materials suitable for both road and Competition applications:

Pad Material Graphs & Comments:
The traditional friction vs temperature graphs exhibited below are derived from our dynomometer test cycle carried out on our 2 in house dynomometers which we use for all pad evaluations.These graphs are for guidance only. Numbers are not absolute - results can vary according to the test cycle used (load, pressure, speed, cooling etc) but we believe the results shown fairly represent the performance that will be experienced by the user under normal conditions. 

• APF401 - Competition Pad suitable for Circuit & Rally use. Good bite and stable friction give excellent modulation & release characteristics, Should be considered where PFC01, Ferodo DS1.11 and Mintex F2R are currently used.

• APF402 - Competition Pad for Circuit & Rally use. Not suitable for road use. Higher friction than 401, rising torque, good release , little or no fade. Should be considered where Project Mu H19, PFC05, Raybestos ST43, Ferodo DS2.11, Mintex F4R or F6R are currently used.  

• APF403 - General Competition Pad.  Not suitable for road use. Easy to bed, predictable and repeatable performance with good bite & friction. Consider where Raybestos ST41 / ST43, Ferodo DS3000 or 4003  are currently used.


• APF404 - Excellent High Performance Road and Track pad. Consistent performance, low wear, disc friendly, low noise, low dust, low fade, good feel. Consider where Ferodo DS2500, Pagid Blue RS4-2, Pagid RS421 or Carbo-Tech XP10 are currently used.

• APF405 - Suitable for High Performance Road, Track and Lightweight circuit cars. Consistent performance, disc friendly, low noise, good feel. Consider where Pagid (Blue) RS4-2, RS4-4, Ferodo DS2500 are currently used.

N.B.  The above information is offered for guidance only. Not all materials are available in all pad shapes – AP Racing have chosen the most suitable materials to match the predominant applications for each pad shape.

Pad Shape Range:-
CP2195 / CP2270 / CP2279D50 / CP2340 / CP2372 / CP2399 / CP3215 / CP3345 / CP3558 / CP3894 / CP5070 / CP5119 / CP5788 / CP6210 / CP6230 / CP6268 / CP6600 / CP6267 / CP6820 / CP7031 / CP7040 / CP7555 / CP7600 / CP7635 / CP8250 / CP8310 & CP9555

Pad Characteristics-
Stopping Power index: AP Racing have created our own Stopping Power Index. This is related to friction but is also influenced by energy absorption and the change of friction both with temperature and during the braking event. It is based on the total stopping time over a series of constant pressure stops for a range of speed differentials over a complete dynomometer test cycle, this index creates a very good overall measure to compare different friction materials. Higher numbers = more stopping power
N.B. The stopping power is influenced by level of cooling.

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