Brake Calipers
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Brake Calipers

AP Racing has identified a selection of calipers that have become popular over the last few years in the formula student category.
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CP3696 Family:
The most popular caliper used is CP3696-6E0. This is a two piston (Ø41.3mm) lug mounted caliper that can run on discs from Ø240mm to Ø320mm and weighs 0.8Kg.
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CP2577 Family:
Another occasionally used caliper is from the CP2577 range. There are two options for this caliper. CP2577-14E0 is the standard Formula Ford alloy caliper and CP2577-3E0 has slightly different mounting hole position.
CP2577-3E0 & -14E0 Link

AP Racing have many inquiries about motor cycle brakes for these applications but you must remember that front motor cycle calipers are designed to run with Ø320mm discs 6mm thick. If you wish to try and fit motor cycle brakes you could look at fitting the any of the following:

The Rear motor cycle calipers CP4226, CP4227 calipers are favourite calipers picked by teams because of their light weight.

CP4226 Family:
CP4226 is a 2 piston caliper designed for the rear of a motor cycle. It has two pistons of Ø 1.00” and can run on a maximum disc max diameter of 220mm and a max disc thickness of 4mm. Approximate weight for this caliper is 240G (0.24Kg).
With small bores compared to standard OE rear motorcycle calipers and should not lock the rear of a race bike (this is a design feature, as locking a rear wheel on a race bike can be dangerous) The pad area for the pads used in CP4226 / CP4227 calipers is smaller than standard OE motorcycle rear brakes and you may find the brakes will fade with temperature.
CP4226 caliper was designed to allow the rider to control the rear of the motor cycle not stop the bike. The maximum line pressure CP4226 should be run at is 1000 PSI. On the rear of a motorcycle for which this caliper was designed you would not get near this pressure and you must remember the mounting of CP4226 is very light weight so you might get deflection on the mounting at this kind of pressure. You might find for your application that as the caliper bore is so small you will need to exceed the maximum safe caliper pressure to stop your vehicle.
Please Note: CP4226 was designed to be underslung on a Motorcycle, therefore it is only available with one bleed position (see installation drawing). When installing this caliper either infront or behind the axle on a Formula Student Car one caliper will have the bleedscrew pointing downwards, therefore we advise for best bleed, to turn the caliper upside down.
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CP4227 Family:
This is a motorcycle 4 piston rear with pistons of Ø1.00” but with individual feeds to each pair of pistons. This was designed so the rider could use AP Racing’s thumb brake master cylinder but still keep the foot pedal. A lot of people fit this caliper and connect the 2 feeds together so they have a 4 piston rear brake caliper on a motor cycle. Approximate weight of this caliper is 500g (0.5Kg)
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