Formula Student / SAE
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Formula Student / SAE

AP Racing is pleased to support Formula Student and Formula SAE and has supplied a large number of teams with calipers, master cylinders and other equipment.

We offer a special concessionary discount rate to all Formula Student teams on standard equipment from our range to help keep costs to a minimum. We are also pleased to offer limited technical advice but it must be remembered that the purpose of the Formula Student scheme is to be a competitive practical design exercise which is supposed to be a learning experience for the participants and it is not the role of AP Racing to design the brake system. We have therefore given details of the most commonly used equipment together with some hints which should point you in the right direction.

For the most popular parts listed AP Racing will give universities a discount. If a university wishes to take advantage of this offer, we require an order on headed university paper with the part numbers and quantities. To get an idea of prices contact your nearest official distributor with the part numbers and quantities you wish to order.

Traditionally the starting point for most Formula Student designs has been the calipers we typically supply for lightweight low budget single seat cars such as Formula Ford which remain a dependable choice. In recent years many teams are looking at other options to save weight, however we would caution that pad area and volume needs to be considered to avoid potential problems with brake fade and high pad wear and the budget. The efficiency of the actuation system is an area which is now receiving a lot of attention in mainstream racing circles and although the traditional style racing master cylinder (e.g. CP2623) will show significant advantages over automotive aftermarket items it may be worth considering some of the latest systems and these have therefore been included in our list of products. All the parts listed below are subject to the special Formula Student discount scheme operated by AP Racing for UK based teams, please contact your nearest official distributor for details.
For all other parts please contact AP Racing. Teams are limited to one car set of equipment each p.a.To take advantage of this offer, we require an order on headed university paper with the part numbers and quantities required, payment will be required prior to despatch of the parts.  

- For all UK based SAE inquiries contact BG Developments.
Tel: 01527 873716 / E-Mail: - Web:

- For all non UK based SAE inquiries  please contact your countries distributor if applicable, if no distributor contact AP Racing for advice or Interspares Motorsport  Ltd - Tel: +44 1491 827460, E-Mail: - Web:

- For all Formula SAE inquiries from the USA, South America and Canada please contact Essex Parts Services:

125 Hampton Court, Cramerton, North Carolina 28032. Tel: (+1) 704 824 6030 Fax: (+1) 704 478 1030 Email: Web:

Important Note:-
In some cases 2D drawings only are available, and it is not possible to send 3D models or CAD files at this time. Installation drawings currently only available as 2D are now marked as such.

It is NOT possible for AP Racing to manufacture any special one off parts and as you can appreciate AP Racing only have a limited amount of engineers and sales staff here who are able to answer specific questions and their time is limited. All the information provided is a general guide to the parts used on your application so please study the detailed information provided.    

Contact us today if you need any help finding the right product for you +44 (0) 24 7663 9595