Trunnion Balance Bars
Trunnion Balance Bars - Feature Image

Trunnion Balance Bars

A new concept in balance bars where the central pivot is a trunnion rather than a spherical bearing. This has the advantage of preventing balance bar movement in the vertical plane, thus removing the largest cause of unwanted balance variation.
The centre trunnion and clevises employ needle roller bearings to reduce friction and hysteresis to a minimum improving modulation.

Part Numbers:
- CP5520-25LC with clevises.
- CP5520-2 without clevises.
- Designed for use with CP7855 master cylinder.

- CP5520-25L REPLACES CP5520-2 & CP5520-25LC REPLACES CP5520-13.

Installation drawing: CP5520_25cd.pdf

- Alternative mountings available CP5520-3 and CP5520-4,
Installation drawings: CP5520_3cd.pdf / CP5520_4cd.pdf

The installation drawings include details of how to set up the balance bar, additional diagrams show the correct balance bar setting at rest and under maximum load, see Balance Bar Settings: Balance Bar Systems.pdf

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