Brake Pads
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Brake Pads

There are several pad options AP Racing supply for the above calipers.

- For CP3696 Calipers:
CP2195D38-M1144 Mintex Organic material Ave Friction Mµ 0.32 CP2195D38-APH420. SBS Organic material Ave Friction Mµ 0.39 CP2195D38-DS3000+ Ferodo Organic material Ave Friction Mµ 0.45
CP2195 Pad Details 

- For CP4226, CP4227 and CP7003 Calipers :
CP4226D27-RQ3 This is a SBS high friction organic based pad used on stainless or cast iron discs, average Friction Mµ 0.41. 

CP4226D27-RX This is a Carbon Lorraine high friction sintered material used mainly on stainless steel discs average Friction Mµ 0.55.

CP4226D27-APH420 This is a SBS soft organic based material with lower friction used on both stainless steel and cast iron discs. Ave Friction Mµ 0.39 If you require any specific pad data for friction materials other than what is shown here you will need to contact the relevant pad manufacturers directly.
CP4226 Pad Details

CP4226D27 pads that are fitted in CP4226, CP4227 and CP7003 calipers have very small pad area and on your application you may find that the brakes will not be able to cope with the temperatures and may fade very quickly when used within a wheel with limited airflow to cool the caliper / pad.

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