Identification of Bore Sizes

Identification of Bore Sizes

laser marking

All AP Racing master cylinders have their part number, nominal bore size laser marked on the body together with batch codes. This allows full manufacturing traceability. All master cylinders also have a coloured tie wrapped around body for quick visual identification of bore size.

The tables below show the bore size colour identification for push type cylinders and pull type cylinders.

Colour Identification for Push Type Cylinders
Colour Bore Size
Black/Orange 14mm (0.551")
Black/Red 15mm (0.590")
Black 15.9mm (0.625") 5/8"
Black/Yellow 16.8mm (0.661")
Blue 17.8mm (0.70")
Green 19.1mm (0.75") 3/4"
Orange 20.6mm (0.812") 13/16"
Red 22.2mm (0.875") 7/8"
White 23.8mm (0.937") 15/16"
Yellow 25.4mm (1.00")


Colour Identification for Pull Type Cylinders
Colour Bore Size
Black/Red 14.9mm (0.587")
Black 16.2mm (0.638")
Blue 17.3mm (0.681")
Green 18.8mm (0.740")
Orange 20.2mm (0.795")
Orange/Red 21.2mm (0.834")
Red 21.8mm (0.858")
Red & White 22.4mm (0.882")
White 23.7mm (0.933")
Yellow 25.4mm (1.00")

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