Repair kits and fitting instructions for CP2623, CP4400, CP4623, CP5623 & CP6093 Cylinders

Repair kits and fitting instructions for CP2623, CP4400, CP4623, CP5623 & CP6093 Cylinders

Repair kits are available for all Master Cylinder bore sizes. Kit contents are detailed below.

repair kits

Important Note:
13/16" Bore master cylinders repair kits:
Our common 13/16" primary master cylinder seal is no longer available and the replacement is not interchangeable, this will result in AP Racing not being able to supply the repair kit CP2623-93RK any longer. The link below helps identify which piston is fitted to a master cylinder. In future the only way in which CP2623 type master cylinders built with the old seal can be serviced will be to supply a seal kit CP2623-930PRK including the new piston and thereafter a new repair kit CP2623-930RK including the new seal will be required.

13/16" Repair kit details

1) Remove rubber boot (11) and circlip (10).
Carefully remove internal components.
3) Replace the following. (making sure all seals have been lubricated with brake fluid). Primary seal (4), Piston Washer (5) and the Secondary Seal (7). (Care must be taken when assembling seals as damage maybe caused).
Check bore is free from debris.
5) Lubricate bore with brake fluid.
6) Re-assemble internal components into body.
7) Use new circlip (10) to secure internal components and new boot to protect from debris (11).

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Ref. Description Included in Repair Kit.
1. Body No
2. Spring Guide Pin No
3. Master Cylinder Return Spring No
4. Primary Seal Yes
5. Piston Washer Yes
6. Piston No
7. Secondary Seal Yes
8. Push Rod No
9. Piston Stop Washer No
10. Circlip Yes
11. Boot Yes
Universal Repair Kits
Cylinder Bore Size Part Number Use With Cylinders
14.0mm (0.551") CP2623-88RK CP2623
15.0mm (0.590") CP2623-89RK
15.9mm (0.625") 5/8" CP2623-90RK
16.8mm (0.661") CP2623-905RK
17.8mm (0.70") CP2623-91RK
19.1mm (0.75") 3/4" CP2623-92RK
20.6mm (0.812") 13/16" CP2623-930RK or
22.2mm (0.875") 7/8" CP2623-94RK
23.8mm (0.937") 15/16" CP2623-95RK
25.4mm (1.00") CP2623-96RK

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