Push Type Slave Cylinders
Push Type Slave Cylinders - Feature Image

Push Type Slave Cylinders

AP Racing offer a range of Concentric Slave Cylinders suitable for use with most push type racing clutches.
These Concentric Slave Cylinders are lightweight hydraulically self contained units that mount on the transmission casing, operate the clutch directly and are independent of the gearbox and therefore do not require an oil seal over the input shaft. The one piece die cast aluminium alloy body is light weight and compact, the units feature an integral piston support tube, high temperature seals and a special hard wearing low friction coating on all sealing surfaces.
The Slave Cylinders are supplied complete with release bearing having a choice of three fulcrum diameters.

General Information:
Ensure that the unit is installed in the correct position, with bleed port uppermost as shown on the installation drawings.
All fittings intended to seat at the bottom of the hydraulic ports must have an included angle of 90°.

Details below apply to all push slave cylinders within the range:
- Body Material - Aluminium Alloy (die cast)
- Piston Material - Aluminium Alloy -
- Max Pressure - 8.6N/mm² (1250 psi)
- Hydraulic Fluid -  PRF660 & AP600 & AP551 or other brake fluid.

Click on part numbers below for more details of each cylinder and its installation details.

Note: When large diameter splines are used please check clearance of the spline in the slave cylinder. Larger spilnes also have an increased driven plate boss. Please check the clearance of the driven plate at maximum slave travel

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