New Age Shape & N14 (01-2014) - Front 6 Piston Kit CP9040Y1003

New Age Shape & N14 (01-2014) - Front 6 Piston Kit CP9040Y1003

This new Factory Big Brake kit utilises AP Racing's latest 6 piston road car caliper, CP9040 family.
CP9040 is a direct replacement for the original version CP7040 and can be fitted to a vehicle without any modification.

Advantages over CP7040 Caliper Family:-
- The new calipers utilises drop forged bodies producing a stiffer caliper making it more asthetic in appearance and therefore allowing for a smoother finish.
- The pads are still located using pins, but these are now produced in stainless steel.
- Pad retaining bolts are also used across the pad pocket to stiffen the caliper so reducing brake pedal travel.
- All Factory Big Brake Kits using CP9040 caliper will involve "Float in the bell" discs.

Part Numbers for Brake Kit with Grooved Face Discs:-
- Black Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003BG.CG12
- Red Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003R2.CG12

Part Numbers for Brake kit with 'J' hook Face Discs:-
- Black Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003BG.GA
- Red Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003.GA

Before purchasing or installing a factory big brake kit, make sure that the brake upgrade is suitable for the make and model of the vehicle, and that the wheel has been checked for clearance by downloading the caliper profile drawing PDF using the link.

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