Anti-Knockback Springs
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Anti-Knockback Springs

A range of anti-knockback springs are available for use with AP Racing calipers.

The spring is located behind the piston in the caliper bore and is designed to counteract pad knock off.

The springs are available in two strengths indicated in lbs, with two sizes for each spring strength dependant upon piston diameter. Refer to the table below for part number details.

Spring Strength Piston Diameter
  Up To Ø34.93mm (1.375") Above Ø34.93mm (1.375")
4lb CP2632-113 CP2667-105
7lb CP4100-121 CP2667-113
9lb CP3432-134 CP2667-125
 12lb CP2632-130 CP2667-154 
Note: Springs are available in kits for 4, 7 or 9LB only.


Anti Knock Back Spring Kits
Part Number Description and Contents
CP6518-4LBLL Spring kit with 4 x CP2667-105
CP6518-4LBSS Spring kit with 4 x CP2632-113
CP6518-4LBSSL Spring kit with 4 x CP2632-113 & 2 CP2667-105
CP6518-4LBSSSS Spring kit with 8 x CP2632-113
CP6518-7LBLL Spring kit with 4 x CP2667-113
CP6518-7LBSSL Spring kit with 4 x CP4100-121 & CP2667-113
CP6518-7LBSSSS Spring kit with 8 x CP4100-121
CP6518-9LBLL Spring kit with 4 x CP2667-125
CP6518-9LBSSL Spring kit with 4 x CP3432-134 & 2 x CP2667-125 

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