Standard Brake Caliper Features

Standard Brake Caliper Features


- Differential Bores and/or piston positioning are used on all AP Racing multi-piston calipers to combat pad taper.

- High Temperature Seals are standard on all AP Racing race (competition) calipers.

- Hard Anodised Surface Treatment is standard on all AP Racing competition calipers for optimum durability. (Except iron calipers and where indicated).

- Road Calipers have a high performance paint finish applied on top of the hard anodising for maximum durability and protection against road salts.

- Radial Mount fixings are standard unless indicated otherwise.

- All AP Racing Road calipers have piston dirt seals to protect against ingress of harmful debris.

- Where fitted all Bridge Pipes on AP Racing calipers are stainless steel.

- Most AP Racing calipers are fitted with replaceable Steel Wear Plates to protect pad and caliper body.

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