Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

User servicing is limited to replacing the main pressure plates or hub, and cleaning as required.
Other replacements require the use of specialised test equipment to set up the clutch and the unit should be returned to AP Racing to be reconditioned.

All clutch components should be examined frequently for signs of damage or abnormal wear. Remove dust with a brush or vacuum cleaner, and any light deposits of oil or grease with a non oil based solvent. Heavier deposits of oil on the carbon plates are best cleaned using an ultra-sonic wash. After cleaning the carbon plates with any fluids, it is recommended that any remaining traces of oil or solvent be removed by baking them for an hour at 300°C in a suitable oven.

IMPORTANT: Never use brake cleaner to wash carbon. A film of cleaner will remain on the carbon causing the clutch to slip on initial use even if the carbon is baked.

Maintenance and operating instructions:

- for push type carbon clutches can be found here
- for pull type carbon clutches can be found here

Carbon Plate Measurement Recording Sheet:

- Download sheet here

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