CP5500-625 - 2 Pedal - Brake & throttle Option

CP5500-625 - 2 Pedal - Brake & throttle Option

CP5500-625  is a generic racing two pedal box assembly. Designed for comfort and control.
This pedal box has a new optimised machined from billet base plate and pedals with adjustable footpads to alter pedal ratio's.
The throttle pedal includes additional features to aid connection to bell cranks and cables. All pedal pivots now feature ball bearings.
The base plate and pedals together with low friction treatments and a high spherical balance bar bearing set high standards in pedal box efficiency.
The CP5500 range is also available in 3 and Single pedal configurations.


The throttle sensor used on CP5500 series pedal boxes has been changed because our supplier discontinued supply. FOR FULL DETAILS CLICK HERE


- CP5500-625MTS - with metric clevis threads WITH rotary throttle sensor fitted.
- CP5500-625M - with metric clevis threads WITHOUT rotary throttle sensor fitted.
- CP5500-625UTS - with imperial clevis threads WITH rotary throttle sensor fitted.
- CP5500-625U - with imperial clevis threads WITHOUT rotary throttle sensor fitted.

- Optimised, Lightweight Aluminium base plate, machined from billet.
- Optimised, Lightweight billet throttle, brake pedals with improved twist resistance.
- Throttle pedal with additional features and side plate.
- Optional rotary hall effect sensor (without plug) on throttle.
- Adjustable stops on throttle pedal.


- Pedal Box = 1.9kg

- Balance bar adjustable cable = 236g

- CP2623 master cylinder = 0.31kg each.
- Return Spring.
- Side Plate.
- Optional throttle linkage kit.
- CP5500-43.
 - All pedals pivot on ball bearings.
- Brake and Clutch pedal Ratio 4.85:1.
- Suitable Master Cylinder Ranges: CP2623
  - Recommended Push Rod Length (cylinders with longer pushrods can be cut down).
  - brake 88.0mm.
  - clutch 65.0mm.
  - Mounting Holes M10.
- Adjuster cable CP2905-18 included with assembly.
- 10mm balance bar fitted with rubber boots to prevent dirt ingress

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