CP5596 - Fixed Floor Mounted Reverse Pull Type

CP5596 - Fixed Floor Mounted Reverse Pull Type

CP5596 family is the latest additions to AP Racing's unique range of floor mounted pedal boxes, and are AP Racing's recommendation for all new projects where a fixed floor assemblies are required, offering many of the same design features as the CP5548 sliding pedal box series, this new range offers users the ultimate in pedal box design.

CP5596 supercedes but does not replace CP5516 assemblies, it offers improved strength and stiffness, modular configuration and many improvements over CP5516, all at a reduced cost. Please contact your nearest official distributor or dealer for a quote. NOTE: Prices do not include master cylinders.

The unique pull type design allows the load through the cylinders to remain straight during operation, which eliminates side loads that yu see in a push type cylinder, thus making CP5596 and CP5548 (sliding option) the most efficient fixed floor mounted pedal boxes on the market.

The cylinders are mounted under the drivers feet for optimum space utilisation and access. Minimum hysteresis and balance variation are assured by the use of needle roller bearings in the centre trunnion.


Part Numbers:

Part Numbers Clutch Brake Throttle Throttle Sensor
CP5596-CBT-TS Yes Yes Yes Yes
CP5596-CBT Yes Yes Yes  
CP5596-BT-TS   Yes Yes Yes
CP5596-BT   Yes Yes  
CP5596-CB Yes Yes    
CP5596-B   Yes    



- Lightweight aluminium machined from solid billet base.

- Pedals are pivoted by ball bearings to increase smoothness.

- Adjustable foot pads for extra driver comfort.

- Adjustable clutch and throttle pedal stops.

- Dual mountings fro throttle potentionmeters. Inboard mounting and sensor available in sperate kit - CP5596-TS.

- All threads are metric

- Adjustable cable CP2905-18 included with assembly.

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