Fly By wire Throttle Applications - CP5516-88TS

Fly By wire Throttle Applications - CP5516-88TS

CP5516-88TS is a unique pull type design allowing the push rod to remain in line eliminating all side loads making it the most efficient pedal box on the market.
The cylinders are mounted under the drivers feet for optimum space utilisation and access. Minimum Hysteresis and balance variation are assured by the use of needle roller bearings in the centre trunnion.

CP5516-88TS is fitted with a throttle rotary sensor and the benefits over CP5516-7 are:
- Faster responding electronics.
- Reduces the number of moving parts.
- Minimum adjustments & maintenance.
- Greater accuracy of data.

Please Note: CP5516-88TS replaces CP5516-8 as a simple part numbering change only

- All pedals are machined from Aluminium billet.
- Designed for use with CP6465 master cylinder.
- Extra Strengthening rib.
- Throttle foot pad.
- Adjustable foot pads for extra driver comfort.
- Adjustable throttle pedal position, linkage with a double torsion spring for positive pedal return.
- Adjustable pedal stops on clutch and throttle.
- Weight:
 - 3.4Kg without master cylinders.
 - 4.15Kg approx with master cylinders.
- All threads metric

- Rotary Sensor Fitted = CP5516-88TS.
- Without Rotary Sensor Fitted = CP5516-88.

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