Pro 5000+ Range
Pro 5000+ Range - Feature Image

Pro 5000+ Range

The Pro 5000+ Caliper and Disc Range has been specially developed by AP Racing to bring a high level of brake performance well within the price range of the discerning team on a moderate budget.

- The range consists of nine caliper variants and ten different discs which cover 6, 4 & 2 piston calipers and ventilated and solid discs from Ø378 x 36mm (14.88" x 1.40") to Ø280 x 9.6mm (11" x 0.377").

- The nine caliper families are based on radially mounted two piece cast aluminium calipers and are fitted with anti-knockback springs (where applicable) and aluminium alloy pistons as standard.

- All calipers will run full depth brake pads of nine caliper families.

- The discs are available with curved grooved face configuration only.

- The main objective of the range is to provide a high quality "off the shelf" brake system at a competitive price. The range will be kept to the parts numbers listed below and no variations are available.

- Alternative strength anti-knockback springs and stainless steel pistons are available as aftermarket options.

- For more information click on the part numbers in the table below.

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