Driven Plate Information

Driven Plate Information

Driven Plate Material Types

Sintered driven plateSintered paddle back to back driven plate
A thin layer of metallic friction material which is sintered directly onto a steel disc. Normally for circuit use only.

Bonded 3 paddle Ø140mm driven plateBonded 4 paddle Ø184mm driven plate
Bonded Paddle:- (New Product)
Direct sintered material offering increased friction surface area. Bonded Cerametallic now replace the original riveted type.

Driven Plate Design

Sintered back to back driven plate
Sintered Solid Back to Back:-
Available in sizes Ø115, Ø140, and Ø184mm. Versions are available with extended nose to increase spline length.

Sintered paddle back to back driven plate

Sintered Paddle Back to Back:-
Available in size Ø184mm. Recommended for use in high torque applications when using a single plate Ø184mm sintered clutch.

Gear Driven:-
Designed to provide increased flywheel / crankshaft fixing bolt clearance and maximum spline length. Available in Ø140 and Ø184mm in either 2, 3 or 4 plate versions. Recommended where a high level of engine vibration or input shaft runout can be expected.

Nested Types:-

Allows for extra flywheel / crankshaft fixing bolt clearance. Available for Ø184mm clutches only.

Bonded Paddle:- (New Product)
Bonded 3 paddle Ø140mm driven plate Bonded 4 paddle Ø184mm driven plate
3 paddle available for Ø140mm (5½") & Ø184mm (7¼") 4 paddle available for Ø184mm (7¼") clutches only.

Rigid Cerametallic:-

4 paddle cerametallic driven plate
Available in 4 and 6 paddle configurations for Ø200mm (8") and Ø215mm (8½") clutches.

6 paddle sprung centre cerametallic
Spring Centre Cerametallic:-
These plates are available in 4 or 6 paddle configurations and use a sprung centre hub with damper springs to reduce the torsional vibrations in the drive line. Available for Ø200 and Ø215mm clutches.

Driven Plate Thickness and Wear In.
The total allowable driven plate wear will vary according to the "wear in" and the number of driven plates for each particular clutch. For example, for a 3 plate clutch with 0.75mm "wear in" each plate can wear 0.75mm/3 = 0.25mm from new.

The minimum worn driven plate thickness given in this catalogue assumes even wear across all plates. However it is permissible to to run plates below this thickness provided the total wear does not exceed the "wear in" figure.

The Sintered, Cerametallic and Bonded Cerametallic Driven Plate Charts show most popular spline sizes for each available clutch size
Other Driven Plate splines available, please contact AP Racing Technical Section for more information.

Example Part Numbers :-

  • CP2012-165FM3 Sintered driven plate with a 1" x 23 Spline.
  • CP8300-A026H Bonded Cerametallic 3 paddle driven plate with a 7/8" x 20 Spline.
  • CP8400-A008 Bonded Cerametallic 4 paddle driven plate with a 29mm x 10 Spline.

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