Mounting Studs

Mounting Studs

The recommended method of mounting the clutch to the flywheel is with a mounting stud and K-Lock nut, such as CP4702 M8 & 5/16" UNF range or CP4703 M6 & 1/4" UNF range of mounting stud. Suitable for clutches of Ø115mm (4.5") and above. These studs are available in kit form complete with K-Lock nuts. All studs have rolled threads for improved fatigue resistance. The stud design incorporates offset head flats for location, necked down shanks and precision ground location diameters.

Recommended tightening torque

M8 & 5/16" - 22.0 Nm (16 lb/ft). M6 & 1/4" - 10.0 Nm (7 lb/ft).

CP4702 Mounting Studs M8 & 5/16" View Drawing

CP4703 Mounting Studs M6 & 1/4" View Drawing

Part Numbers


Length 'L' M6xl.0 1/4"UNF M8xl.0 5/16"UNF
Ø'B' 6.016/6.008 6.365/6.357 8.024/8.015
Ø'C' 5.98/5.95 6.33/6.30 8.01/8.00
40mm CP4703-400MK CP4703-400UK CP4702-400MK CP4703-400UK
42.5mm CP4703-425MK CP4703-425UK CP4702-425MK CP4702-425UK
45mm CP4703-450MK CP4703-450UK CP4702-450MK CP4702-450UK
47.5mm CP4703-475MK CP4703-475UK CP4702-475MK CP4702-475UK
50mm CP4703-500MK CP4703-500UK CP4702-500MK CP4702-500UK
52.5mm CP4703-525MK CP4703-525UK CP4702-525MK CP4702-525UK
55mm CP4703-550MK CP4703-550UK CP4702-550MK CP4702-550UK
57.5mm CP4703-575MK CP4703-575UK CP4702-575MK CP4702-575UK
60mm CP4703-600MK CP4703-600UK CP4702-600MK CP4702-600UK
62.5mm CP4703-625MK CP4703-625UK CP4702-625MK CP4702-625UK
65mm CP4703-650MK CP4703-650UK CP4702-650MK CP4702-650UK
67.5mm CP4703-675MK CP4703-675UK CP4702-675MK CP4702-675UK
70mm CP4703-700MK CP4703-700UK CP4702-700MK CP4702-700UK
72.5mm CP4703-725MK CP4703-725UK CP4702-725MK CP4702-725UK
75mm CP4703-750MK CP4703-750UK CP4702-750MK CP4702-750UK


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