PRO 5000 R, Range
PRO 5000 R, Range - Feature Image

PRO 5000 R, Range

Pro 5000 R is an entry level option of Radi-CAL™ brake calipers, designed as the next generation of our popular Pro 5000 branded ranges.

Pro 5000 R has been developed from our experience in all areas of motorsport, the forged designs feature the latest innovations from of our pioneering asymmetric design concept. Manufactured with the same ideology as Pro 5000+ this entry level motorsport range offers the same costing benefits but will not directly replace Pro 5000+. It should be noted that there are dimensional differences between + and R ranges and all installations require checking before specifying.


- The range consists of 13 caliper variants and 16 different discs, which cover 6 & 4  piston calipers and ventilated discs from Ø390mm to Ø280mm and 36mm down to 18mm thickness.

- The 7 caliper variants are based on radially mounted two piece forged aluminium calipers and are fitted with 4lb anti-knockback springs (where applicable) with stainless steel pistons on all.

- All calipers run full depth pads.

- The discs are available with a curved grooved face configuration only.

- The main objective of the range is to provide a high quality “off the shelf” Radi-CAL™ brake system at a competitive price. The range will be kept to the part numbers listed and no variations are available.


- Alternative strength anti-knockback springs are available, please refer to AP Racing for details.


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